BTEC Entry Level 3 Award in Creative Media Production

Pearson BTEC Entry Level Award (Entry 3) (QCF) (6 credits)

The 6-credit Pearson BTEC Entry Level Award (Entry 3) (QCF) offers a ‘taster’

qualification that focuses on the personal qualities and work skills that are required

for a particular vocational sector.

Unit Resources required

 Unit 1: Developing Creative Media Skills

 Unit 2: Desktop Publishing Software 

 Unit 3: Using the Internet 

Unit 1: Developing Creative Media Skills

 Unit 1: Developing Creative Media Skills

The exact media used will depend on the

centre’s resources. Learners should,

where possible, have the opportunity to

explore the use of television, radio,

audio tapes, video, newspapers, a

variety of advertisements, posters and

the internet. They will also need

materials to help them to prepare their

presentations; for example art

materials, cameras, video cameras,

paper, computer software packages, and

drama props. Visiting speakers from

marketing companies, drama groups,

leisure/entertainment companies and

education departments could also be a

useful source of information.

Unit 2: Desktop Publishing Software

 Unit 2: Desktop Publishing Software

 Learners will need access to appropriate

software to allow the production of

different types of publications, for

example desktop publishing software,

multimedia software, and access to the

internet. In addition learners must have

access to either different types of

information, for example graphic

images, or other sources of information.

Unit 3: Using the Internet

 Unit 3: Using the Internet

 To deliver this unit, centres will need to

have a local area network with browser

application software and access to the

internet. Centres will need the facilities

to enable learners to carry out the

practical aspects of the unit as defined

by the content and grading criteria.

Centres will also need a range of

suitable software tools and equipment to

support the cohort size undertaking the